Charlie Lim – Bitter 歌詞中文翻譯

Charlie Lim – Bitter (刻薄)歌詞中文翻譯 Lately, I’ve been sleeping alone on my own again  最近我又獨自一人睡了 Just me in an empty room on a single bed  空盪房間,只有我躺在單人床上 I’ve been trying all this time just to see  我竭盡所能後發現 All the reasons you had given just to leave  你所有的理由全都只是為了離開

Dan + Shay – Nothin’ Like You 歌詞中文翻譯

“Dan + Shay – Nothin’ Like You” 獨一無二的妳 歌詞翻譯 恩… I remember when I first met you 我記得當我第一次遇見你 Sipping coffee in a corner booth 在咖啡廳角落飲著咖啡 You were twirling your hair  你玩著你的髮絲 And I just had to stare 而我楞楞的凝視著你 For a minute or two 一分鐘 又一分鐘 I was laughing at your stack of books 我笑著妳桌上的一疊書 Then you shot me …